Q:  Do you sell corrugated boxes?

A:  We do not sell corrugated boxes, but we do have the ability to produce a folding carton (including color graphics) from E-, F-, or N-flute corrugated (these are the thinner gauges of corrugated cardboard).  We would also be happy to refer you to one of our reliable suppliers of thicker corrugated boxes.

Q:  Is there a minimum order?

A:  In short, no.  We can produce a single carton (though you might find the price of that one somewhat daunting).  There are certain one-time (e.g., cutting die, print plates) and fixed (e.g., machine setup) that are incurred regardless of run size.  For very small quantities, these costs will dominate, but as volume grows, they may become minor or even insignificant.

For digitally-printed air filter frames, we do generally suggest a minimum order of 1,000, or if you are looking for a common size, we will append an order of as few as 500 on to an existing job using the same die.

Q:  Do you have any “stock” sizes?

A:  For air filter frames, we have over 70 “house” dies – these are common sizes, and you can use these dies at no charge.  Standard Sizes – with Actual Size

For folding cartons, we have a limited number of “hardware” cartons that we produce and sell from inventory.  Please view our Hardware Cartons Price list.

Q:  How do you ship?

A:  Unless you specify otherwise, folding cartons are always shipped flat, nearly always in corrugated cases, which we will choose in order to keep the weight of each case manageable (e.g., under 35 pounds).  Multiple cases will be stacked on a pallet, then stretch-wrapped to minimize movement during shipment.

Air filter frames are stacked flat, usually either 1,000 (24″ high) or 1,500 (36″ high); corner protectors are added, and the stack is stretch-wrapped.  If we can ensure stability, we may stack pallets in order to minimize shipping costs.

Our prices are normally quoted as FOB our dock, i.e., excluding delivery costs.  You may arrange shipping, or we will be happy to arrange it and simply bill you the cost (no markup on shipping).